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Promo Winners

$250 On Board Credit Giveaway

April - June 2021


You have hopefully followed the link from the notification email.



​$250 On Board Credit

As you may have seen, the $250 OBC is valid for use until 1 Jan 2023.

We provided an extended timeframe as the winner may not have a cruise currently booked.

At your convenience, email us with the details of your booked cruise. Booking reference number, ship, dates, voyage number, name and the contact details of whoever is handling your booking. Your travel agent, or your contact at the cruise line if you booked directly with the line.

CCC will liaise with your contact and have the $250 credited to your onboard account.

The $250 is in the ship's currency and if the ship's currency is not dollars we will convert it first.

As per the terms and conditions, after your cruise, please supply us with photos of you enjoying your OBC.

Cruise Companions Club 'Captain' or 'Navigator' memberships

We will email you a, single use, coupon which will give you a 100% discount.

See 'How to use your coupon code' further down this page.



​Magazine Subscription

You have the choice of three magazines. 

Cruise Passenger, Porthole Cruise, and Cruise International.







Once you have made your selection, email us and we will contact the relevant magazine and start your subscription.

Lonely Planet's 'The Cruise Handbook'




We will pay for your ebook and send the download link to you.

Below is a link to important guidelines and rules from Lonely Planet.

ebook Guide

What happens next?

We track the participants points levels, and you will be emailed as you reach each bonus milestone.

For the fantastic participants that reach 200 points and beyond, we will email you a personal coupon code to be used when you join Cruise Companions Club.


Depending upon the numbers of people that enter, the email and coupon code may take some time.

If the time seems excessive, please reach out and remind us, from the email address you used to join the giveaway.


If you have earned the relevant number of points to secure a 60, 80, 90 or 99% discount on Cruise Companions Club membership, we thank you for your efforts.



The discount can only be used once.

For example, if you have the 200 points for a 60% discount, and we issue you a coupon code to be used for that 60% discount, and you use it, then that is the end of your discounts for the current membership year.

If you go on to earn further points in the campaign, whether intentionally or not, then we again thank you for your efforts, but it is not possible to use those additional points once you have joined CCC.


If you believe that you will earn further points, and you wish to earn a higher discount, you will need to wait until your points have reached their maximum, you have reached the level that you are happy with, or the campaign has finished.

How to use your bonus points coupon code.

Head over to

Set up your profile. There are some compulsory questions and you will need at least one pic.

When you have finished your profile (you can come back and add to it later) go to 'My Membership'.

Select the 12 months Captain Plan and click Let's Go. A new page will open.

Put your coupon code in the relevant box, and the discount will be applied.

Finish payment, and head back to the members area. You will now have access to other members, live chat, searches, forums and all the features that CCC has to offer. Depending upon your device, you may have to log out of CCC and log back in for your membership to take effect.

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Cruise Companions Club LP The Cruise Han
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