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Frequently Asked Questions

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How much to join, and start my new cruising life?

We have three full membership options, from just $8 per month.

Select your option by clicking here.

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Do I need to pay more to access 'Premium' features?


All features are included in all full subscriptions.

Check the features by clicking here.

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Am I eligible to join?

Yes, if you are over 18 years of age.

CCC is mainly for finding cruise companions, but we welcome anybody that is interested in cruising.

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Do I have to be a single, or solo, cruiser?


We have options for couples seeking other couples, or friends seeking more friends, just to hang out.

Don't forget sharing accommodation is an option as well,

in 2, 3 or 4 berth rooms.

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Are CCC profiles real?



We do not have, and will never have, fake profiles.

Admin test profiles are marked as such.

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I prefer to have my own stateroom / cabin. Is that ok?

Of course.

The choice is yours.

Sharing accommodation is only one of many options we have. 


Simply put your preferences and expectations in your profile.

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Why are there questions about religion and the like?

We are providing services to a wide range of cruisers.


Some are seeking companions from a particular age, gender or community group. Others are looking for romance.

Most questions are optional.

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Can I find romance on CCC?

Of course.

Simply state in your profile what you are looking for, or open to.

Also, someone in the Members 'Romance' Forum might catch your eye.

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How secure are my payment details?

 When you select your preferred plan you will be taken to an external shopping cart.

Payments are processed by companies that you know, and probably use already, namely Stripe, Apple Pay, and

Google Pay.

CCC staff neither see, nor need, your financial details.

Further Questions and Answers

Can I bookmark the Member's Area?

Yes. This is particularly helpful on mobile devices, or for low internet bandwidth.

Go to and bookmark it.

​​Can I book my cruise through CCC?

No. We do not take bookings.

Our role is to facilitate you meeting the person, or people, you seek to enjoy your cruise with.

If you have a cruise agent, travel agent or similar that you are comfortable with then booking with them is fine. If sharing a stateroom with a companion that is distant from you, explain that to your agent at the start.

If available near you, we recommend using agents accredited with CLIA - Cruise Lines International Association.


What is the single supplement?

Most cruise lines quote their prices on a 'twin share', 'triple share' or 'quad share' basis. That means the quoted price is per person, based on the number of beds, therefore people, in the stateroom.

Cruisers choosing to occupy a stateroom on their own are usually required by the cruise line to pay a 'Single Supplement' for that privilege. It is often 100% of the quoted price in twin share, depending on the cruise line.

That effectively doubles the price for a solo traveller. One of the reasons for joining CCC is to have the option avoid that single supplement, and save a lot of money.



Why do I have to have a paid membership to see cruiser's profiles, send messages, or use the features?

To protect the privacy of members, only those with a paid membership can view other members profiles, the forums, classifieds and the like. Only paid members can create any content or use chat, messaging and video chat services.

We have set up CCC so Basic (unpaid) members thinking about a full membership can make their profile and see basically how CCC works.


Can I put anything in my profile?

We are running the site on self / member censorship.

Generally speaking, if you wouldn't say it or show it to your grandmother, then the chances are that other members may not want to read or see it.

We reserve the right to delete any profile info, comment, post or photograph that we feel is inappropriate for this site.

Any repeat offenders may find themselves shunned from our cruising community, destined to dinners, shows, shore excursions and the like all alone.



How secure is my information?

There are two sections to CCC, Public and Members. You are currently looking at the Public section.

CCC does NOT ask for, or need, your address, phone number, credit card or anything else apart from your email address.

Of course there are also the profile questions and answers, which may contain information that you don't want to be available to the public, so it all needs to be secure.


The Members section is hosted with Secure Socket Layer, then a 3 level protection system. Account Isolation, Firewall, and a team of experienced administrators who monitor everything constantly.


I found someone that wants to share accommodation on a cruise, but they want me to send them money so they can book for both of us. Should I do that?

That scenario is very unlikely, but there is no reason to do that.

You organize with your selected cruise line or travel agent to pay independently for your portion of the booking.


I met a potential cruise companion on CCC, but now I am not so sure.


When using our messaging or chat facilities, we encourage direct and truthful communications at all times.

Be nice, and tell them your thoughts.


As none of your contact details except your profile are visible to other members, you have the, last resort, option to block the person, and you wont hear from them again.


Is meeting someone on CCC safe?

Just like real life, because this is real life, you decide who to cruise with.

Using our messaging system should enable you to get to know a potential companion well.

You can keep all your communication inside our site, with no need to share your email address or anything else.

If having doubts about someone, ask a friend, or ask us for an opinion.


Is this person messaging me a scammer?

Probably not.


We seriously doubt that this site will be attractive to scammers, especially as there is none of your information apart from your cruise profile to see, and we have mentioned about not sending anyone money.

However, if you feel that something is not quite right, we suggest you have a friend review your messages with the person in question.

If still unsure, let us know and we will review the messages too. We insist on a site that is free of any unsavoury activities, and will ban (without notice or refund) anybody that tries a scam.

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