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Trust and Non-annoyance policy

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No ads or pop ups

In the member's area, your time is spent doing what you are here for, and that's all about cruising and enjoyment, not closing pop ups, or scrolling through ads.

We have a links page for products that may interest you.

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Only email address

We don't ask for your phone number, address, card details etc as they are not required by us.

Email is our only method of contact with you. 

Membership payments are made by external processors, Stripe, ApplePay, Google Pay and others, which you probably already know, use, and trust.

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Your email privacy

Your method of contact with other members is through your profile.

This keeps your email address private, unless you choose to share it, or other details, with a fellow member.


You can also choose to use one of the many live chat and video chat platforms available, such as Skype, Whatsapp etc, to get to know your potential companion.

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Spam free zone

By now you will be unsurprised to read that your email address will not be sold, shared, rented or given away.

We may send you updates, newsletters or promotions (of our own features), but at intervals well below annoying.

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Your information is safe

We dont need much of your info.


Just your email, your cruising and personal preferences, basic location and the like.


Nevertheless it is all kept inside the members area and protected by industry standard encryption.

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For enjoyment, not drama

If in the unlikely event a member is upsetting you, there is a blocking facility in your profile. They are then unable to contact you.

We encourage open and direct conversation, but if a member is doing things outside of normal expectations they can be reported, reviewed by CCC, and banned from the site without refund, if this is deemed appropriate.


No fake members

CCC has no, and will not have, fake members.


With the exception of a few admin test profiles, which are clearly marked, when you are viewing or chatting with members, they are real.


Your inbox won't be full

Email notifications are available for different aspects of CCC.


In your membership details, you can select what you receive email notifications for.

We may email you on occasion, with CCC information or specials (not random ads) at intervals well below annoying.

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