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Sharing Cruise Accommodation

Heading off on your cruise with a compatible companion is an excellent way to enhance your voyage, and have more fun.

​A problem for single and solo cruisers is the single supplement.



Now you can avoid it, by sharing your accommodation.

​Budget minded cruisers, or those that would rather spend their money on shore excursions, shopping or partying can choose an  attractive solution by sharing their accommodation with one, two or three people.

​Below we have examples of how being a Cruise Companions Club member, and sharing, can significantly benefit you financially.

The prices in the examples are from real cruises.

Have a look at your travel agent or cruise company site and check the price structure on a cruise that you are interested in, then work out how much you can save by sharing.

cruise companions club sharing example.p

Mary needs a break

Mary decides she is overdue for a vacation, and picks a cruise as the perfect option. A wise choice. She mentions it to friends and family but they are all too busy to go with her. Mary still wants that relaxing cruise.

Now with the help of Cruise Companions Club, she has options.

We will use a 10 night Caribbean cruise onboard Celebrity Reflection (sightings of Capt Jack Sparrow not guaranteed) as an example.

Cruise Companions Club sharing break 0.j

If Mary decides to book and travel alone, she is subject to the 'single supplement', which is an additional charge by the cruise lines levied on a person occupying a Stateroom alone. It is often an additional 100% of the advertised rate, as in this example.

When checking prices for your solo cruise you will see 'per person, based on two people per Stateroom'  on the cruise lines pricing lists.

Mary, as a solo cruiser in this 'real world' example, therefore has a choice of;

  1. An Inside Stateroom at $2498

  2. An Outside Stateroom at $2998

  3. A Balcony Stateroom at $3298

  4. A Suite at $6798


Cruise Companions Club 2 girls sharing.j

Mary looks at the savings she can make by sharing her accommodation, and decides she doesn't want to spend lots of money on an extra, empty, bed, plus she will have someone to share the experience with.


Excitedly, Mary updates her Cruise Companions Club profile with her dates and destination, to find someone to share the costs of the stateroom with. Our site finds a match for her desired dates, destination and other criteria. Mary, and her new friend Jane, now have these options on that same cruise.

  1. An inside stateroom at $1249 each (saving $1249 each)

  2. An outside stateroom at $1499 each (saving $1499 each)

  3. A Balcony stateroom at $1649 each ( saving $1649 each)

  4. A suite at $3399 each (saving $3399 each)

Cruise Companions Club all sharing break

Mary and Jane live quite a long way from each other.


During their messaging and live chatting on our site they decide, as they can save so much money as compared to booking solo, they will book a balcony.

Previously the cheapest option for Mary and Jane as individuals was an inside stateroom at $2498 each. 


Now they have upgraded two levels and are sharing a balcony stateroom, but they still save $849, each.


Cruise Companions Club sharing break.jpg

Mary and Jane could have also chosen another accommodation category, Inside Stateroom for example, paying $1,249 instead of the $2,498 they would have paid as individual solos.


They were both extremely pleased they had become members of

Cruise Companions Club, and are booking their next cruise together.

New friends. Great times. Save money.

Cruise Companions Club sharing break 3.j
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