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Cruise Companions Club information for

Travel Agents and Cruise Professionals

Increase your sales and client satisfaction, without increasing your expenses.

How many clients do you lose because they;

  • Came to you, as a single / solo, looking for a vacation but have nobody available to cruise with

  • Were unaware of the single supplement, and it's devastating effects on the solo cruiser's budget

  • Want to cruise on a small budget, and find a 3 or 4 berth suitable and affordable, but need people to join them

  • Are potential clients that you don't even see. Those that check your site,or a cruise line site, for solo prices, and then abandon their cruise plans.

Increase your sales, and repeat sales, by telling your clients about Cruise Companions Club.


It's a win / win situation. Your clients find a suitable companion, and they are happy. Then they book their cruise with you.

CCC doesn't take bookings, or work with any particular cruise line or agency. Everyone is the same to us.

Our mission is to get the cruisers together.

You take the booking, and your commission remains totally intact.

Don't forget your clients, or potential clients, that are not sitting across the desk from you.

If you have a newsletter or email list, spread the word about Cruise Companions Club.

Tell your fellow agents. It doesn't matter if they are on the other side of town, the other side of the country, or the other side of the world. They might have a client that has also joined CCC, that would be a suitable companion for your client.

Increase your sales, and client satisfaction, with no expense.

Please share on your social networks, or contact us if you have questions.

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Watch our 90 second explainer video

for agents and cruise professionals.

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