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It's time to begin your new cruising life!

One of our plans below will fulfill your needs


As cruising reboots and gets it's sea legs back we have reduced to one plan and sliced the price by 50%!
12 months membership at just $4 a month

For a limited time, while you can see this, we also have a

30 day trial for just $1.
Nothing else to pay. ALL features are included.
Easy cancellation. We don't know why you would, but you can if that is your desire.


12 months - Captain


per month

WOW Almost free

6 months - Navigator (paused until cruising resumes)


per month

Save 65%*

1 month - Crew

(paused until cruising resumes)


Base rate


It is free to register.

Registering will enable you to create your profile as a 'Basic' member.

A Basic membership will not allow access to the features below. To see other member's profiles, send messages etc, you will need to upgrade,
which is currently less than $1 a week.

To register, click the blue button and create your profile.

All features are included in all paid plans

No extras to pay, no hidden costs

   Companion Matching     

   Inbuilt Messaging

   Inbuilt Live Chat

☑  Auto criteria matching            

   Social media pages            

   Member Forums              

   Member Newsletter         

   Unlimited profile browsing    

   Unlimited profile searches           Unlimited friends         


   Cruise tips and news              

   Muster Point  

☑   and more!

*Savings based on comparison to base rate.


To ensure your membership continues without interruption your membership will renew at the end of it's subscription length.

Your personal CCC Customer Hub enables you to easily change payment and email details.

1 month Crew membership is not a subscription and will cease at the end of the term, but can be extended before expiry.

1 month Crew members are limited to 10 file uploads, and 75 messages / 10 "Ahoy there's" per day.

Prices are in USD.

All features

Companion Matching

This is the core of the Club

You can browse the profiles of other members, or search for what you seek in a Cruise Companion, or set up your criteria so when someone that has those things enters them, you will be advised - or of course all three.

Who will I find?

Who are you looking for?

There are many criteria you can enter, or search.


These include age, gender, language, cruise region, cruise dates, sharing a stateroom (or not), sexual preference, disabled / carer, parents with children, faith / religion, ethnicity, specific cruise lines, stateroom types, and more.

We have a forum for you

There are 5 general and 8 specific forums.

The blogs are open to the public, and all forums are for members only.

The 8 specific forums are



Disabled and carers


18 to 35s

Faith and religion



Live chat

Our messaging system is great, and delivers your messages to your profile, and email if you choose.

Our live chat is also ready for you to easily and quickly communicate with other members - in a format you are probably familiar with.

Chat with your Club friends.

You must be friends first to live chat.

Other Club members can't just pop up to chat.


Live chat is within the CCC system and can't be accessed by non-members.

Secure. No ads. No spam.

About the Members Area

It's simple

The area is text based, with member's pictures, videos and music that you can click on if you choose.

This benefits CCC members at sea, that might be planning their next cruise, seeking a companion, or messaging with friends that are members, and also those in areas with slower or expensive internet.

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