Cruise Companions Club (CCC), like most good things, was born out of a need. In this case, more than one need.

Cruisers have found themselves without an efficient or effective way to find someone to cruise with, either as friends, or to share accommodation with - avoiding the single supplement.

Once we identified how to fix this problem, we took further steps with the solution, adding all the options which you see on the site.

We invite you to read our Mission Statement and our

Trust and Non-Annoyance Policy.

This site has been developed to cater for all cruisers seeking a companion, friend, carer, lover, or more.

Your cruise preferences, from massive to tiny ships, specific cruise lines or regions, when you want to cruise, river or ocean cruising, age, gender, sexuality, faith, religion, employment group, romance, and much more CAN be put in your profile, or be used to search for a companion.    


Most questions are optional.


No English ?

Use Google Chrome or other translating browser.


Members using a translating browser should use the direct member's area link.


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