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Finding a suitable companion to cruise with

has been almost impossible, until now.

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Cruise Companions Club is the place to find your companion to enjoy your next cruise with.

A dinner friend, a shore excursion buddy, an onboard activities partner, someone to share accommodation with - perhaps all of these, and more. It's all your choice.

New Year 2022 special!

Try it out, free, for 3 months!


ALL the features are included.
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Register, and find your new cruising companion.

Our response to the current cruising situation

 We know that many people still want to progress finding their companion for future cruises.

 As cruising at the moment has not fully recovered, but is getting there, new 1 and 6 months membership options remain paused until a future date.

The fantastic news for you is that our 12 month membership price has been slashed.

Joining now will also see your membership stay at the same low price into the future, known as 'grandfathered in', avoiding the inevitable return to a higher membership price for new members.

Cruisers joining under our, new and temporary, 3 months free membership will need to change to a 12 month membership BEFORE a price rise to be grandfathered in.

How it works

1. Join and create your profile, including your cruise preferences.

2. Browse, search or let our system provide you with a list of compatible cruisers.

3. Get to know each other using our inbuilt messaging and live chat.

Share accommodation, or not. Great times either way.

Singles, solos, couples and groups that prefer to cruise without sharing also have plenty of options to find a companion, or more, on our site.

To save money, avoid the single supplement, and enjoy your cruise with a new friend, sharing is the best choice for you.

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Find out more by watching our short explainer video.

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As well as our free 'All Cruisers' community blog, for your convenience and pleasure, members

also have access to 8 'Your People' forums, as seen below.



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NEW Feature 

Find friends from previous cruises.

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New friends

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Great times

Cruise Companions Club share accommodati

Save money


A great gift

12 months membership gift card

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Cruise Companions Club (CCC), like most good things, was born out of a need. In this case, more than one need.

Cruisers have found themselves without an efficient or effective way to find someone to cruise with, either as friends, or to share accommodation with - avoiding the single supplement.

Once we developed the solution to this problem, we took

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